Healthy Lifestyles

The Aims

  • To help children understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle
  • To understand the relationship between exercise and a healthy mind and body
  • To help children recognise the importance of a healthy diet and how to make the right food choices
  • To show children how they can integrate physical activity into their daily lifestyle
  • To be aware of the benefits of a healthy body and mind
  • To appreciate how physical activities and exercise can raise mood, performance and achievement
  • To encourage children to want to exercise because it’s fun and makes them feel better
  • To establish habits of exercise in childhood that can last a lifetime
  • To learn about jobs in the fitness industry

The Programme

A one hour a week programme over four consecutive weeks. Details are as follows:

Week 1

Gives children an introduction and overview of health, fitness, exercise and diet including question and answer sessions to measure their current levels of knowledge.

Week 2

Children learn about the body and how it works. How the body needs to be looked after to keep it fit and strong and what difference this will make as they grow into adults.

Week 3

Children learn about nutrition and diet and discover how the food they eat effects their energy levels now and long term health.

Humber Cruises


  • To learn about the economy of the region through the River Humber Estuary
  • To understand how the transport networks are vital to the economy and people of Hull
  • To learn about the Humber and types of jobs that are based around, and are reliant upon, the Humber Estuary and the Hull docks
  • To experience a cruise along the Humber to gain an understanding of the shape, size, depth, dangers and the beauty of the Humber
  • To view major landmarks of the city from a different perspective and from the Humber
  • To understand the role of Hull and the Humber in world trade

The Visit

  • A full day cruise along the River Humber with workshops and activities
  • An opportunity to ‘sail a ship’

BAE Systems Experience


  • To gain an insight into BAE Systems as a significant local employer
  • To learn about the many different jobs and skills needed to design and build aircrafts
  • To understand the relationship between education and career and the level of education needed to go into science, design and engineering roles
  • To raise children’s aspirations by showing them that there are a wide variety of jobs available within the city
  • To show children the level of commitment and self discipline needed to build a successful career in science and engineering industries
  • To develop young people’s confidence and communications skills by engaging them in projects with mentors from the world of work


  • A tour of the manufacturing facility where the world famous Hawk Jump Jet aircraft was built
  • Tour of the Mission Systems
  • A flight in the flight simulator
  • Workshop learning about the forces of flight, building individual Hover Hawks and Hoop Gliders and learning how to move a vehicle using a computer programme
  • Meet and chat to staff throughout the company about their individual roles and the training and experience they have

ARCO Experience

The Aim

  • To learn about the history of one of Hull’s oldest and biggest family businesses
  • To gain an insight into the everyday operation of Arco including ethical trading locally and internationally
  • To begin to understand the different jobs available and the skills and qualifications needed
  • To develop a broad understanding of the quantity of different products ARCO sells
  • To discover the role IT plays in logistics and distribution
  • To understand the level of commitment needed to be a conscientious and effective employee
  • To meet and chat to members of the ARCO workforce
  • To handle, wear and use products associated with the company including protective clothing
  • To discuss and understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace

The Visit

  • A guided tour of the ARCO offices, warehouse, goods yard and canteen etc
  • Opportunities to meet and chat to staff in different areas, services and departments
  • Meet members of the senior managers for questions and answers session
  • Discussion about the role of ARCO in Hull’s economy
  • Practical session looking at some of the goods and trying on safety clothing and equipment


The Aim

  • To teach children empathy, compassion and trust
  • To relate caring for an animal to caring for each other
  • To explore what caring looks like
  • To help children understand that pets are a big and long term commitment
  • To understand what being a responsible pet owner involves along with basic knowledge of animal welfare for a range of different animals
  • To enable children to pass on their knowledge and understanding to friends and family in order to improve animal welfare across the city
  • To build emotional intelligence

The Visit

  • A presentation and discussion about animal welfare given by an RSPCA Education Officer.
  • A workshop with group exercises exploring and comparing different animal species and the types of care and consideration they need.
  • A tour of the RSPCA centre, learning about all the different animals resident in the centre, their backgrounds and reasons for being in the centre.
  • A talk about the different jobs in the RSPCA and the skills and qualifications needed

Digital Art

The Aims

  • To visit the Maritime Museum and explore the different collections.
  • To explore the different artefacts and collections available.
  • To understand that museums are available for everyone to enjoy.
  • To experience the history of Hull’s maritime activities.
  • To learn about museums and why they play an important role in society with strong links to the City of Culture 2017.
  • To understand, capture, edit and enhance images of different artefacts and collections using digital software on an iPad.

The Visit

The unique Digital IT Art experience allows children to explore Hull’s intriguing past, whilst unleashing their creativity, to produce visual effects and videos they can be proud of.

With iPads in hand, the fully mobile day begins at the Maritime Museum. The children are set the task to capture interesting perspectives, of the artefacts, to make their photographs more engaging by getting close, crouching down, elevating and even lying down! All the time gaining knowledge and understanding about Hull’s historical whaling, fishing and merchant trade past.

The children return to the Learning Zone to investigate Hull fishing past using digital mapping, locating countries and seas and then begin expressing their artistic talents using and combining a number of creative apps to add dramatic effects, which are presented in a digital portfolio which includes:

  •  Transforming their photos by adding amazing effects and interactive adjustable filters, such as mosaics, puzzles, motion blur, tile, x- ray, collage, light tunnels.
  •  Adding effects to give their photos a vintage or retro feel.
  •  Creating 3-D video effects, such as wormhole tunnels or a spinning globe.
  •  Turning words and photos in amazing typographic works of art.
  •  Adding dramatic effects to photos by converting them to black and white and then highlighting areas they’d like   to keep in colour to create striking images.
  •  Combining their digital photos and video/picture to create collages.
  •  Graphic designing to create a persuasive advert to encourage visitors to visit the ‘Magnificent Maritime Museum’.
  •  Designing a professional looking Hollywood style movie project to celebrate Hull’s heritage.The day concludes with an exciting showcase of the children’s finished movies and digital artwork on the big screen.All digital content is saved and sent to the school so that the children can enjoy and celebrate their work back at school and home.

AB Ports & P&O Ferries

The Aim

  • To learn about the history of Hull as a port and the role it plays in Great Britain
  • To learn about AB Ports and the key role it plays in Hull’s economy
  • To understand Hull’s position as a port within Europe and the rest of the world
  • To discover the wide range of jobs available and the skills needed to work at a port and on a ferry
  • To explore the process of imports and exports in a thriving port
  • To learn about P&0 Ferries, its role in the shipping industry and the many jobs that are available

The Visit

  • A guided tour of one of the P & O Ferries cruise ships
  • An activity to be completed on board the ship
  • A Coach tour of the port with opportunities to stop and observe the many activities across the docks
  • Opportunities to meet and chat to staff in different areas, services and departments within the port
  • Workshops and presentation from Associated British Ports
  • Discussion about the role of the port in the emerging green energy market

Farm Experience


  • To understand the importance of a healthy diet and the impact on long term health
  • To appreciate the need for a balanced diet
  • To trace the sources of food from growth to plate
  • To learn about different crops and what foods they become in the supermarket
  • To learn about the animals and how they relate to food in the supermarket


  • To visit to a fully working and operational farm including agricultural, animal and milk production. Children spend time in different areas of the farm, including feeding and cleaning animals, looking at crop and milk production, sitting on a tractor, looking at farm machinery, holding the hens and collecting eggs.

BBC Experience

The Aim

  • To understand how the BBC operates radio and TV stations in Hull
  • To begin to understand the many different jobs required to operate a TV and radio station
  • To understand the recruitment process, qualifications and experience needed to work in TV and radio
  • To understand journalism and its role in TV and radio
  • To familiarise children with how news bulletins are put together for both radio and TV
  • To develop children’s reporting, interviewing and presentation skills by producing an item for both TV and radio
  • To learn how technology, IT equipment and software are transforming TV and radio and their role in delivering the news
  • To build children’s confidence by encouraging them to speak with a microphone or to a camera

Pre visit to school

  • Explain the aims and objectives of the visit and go through the itinerary of the day
  • Discussions around young people’s perceptions of radio and TV
  • Discussion around the role of the media and reporting news
  • Talk about safety, rules and behaviours to ensure the day is safe and enjoyable
  • Tell the children what to think about during the visit and answer any questions

The Visit

  • A visit to the BBC studios in Hull to learn about employment opportunities in TV and radio including case studies of different careers of individual staff within the studio
  • Meet the BBC TV and radio staff teams including famous faces they have seen on the TV and heard on the radio
  • Research a local news topic for use in an afternoon workshop
  • Practical workshops learning about the different equipment involved
  • Working with a professional TV or radio presenter, in groups, recording a news piece for TV and radio with music, voice over, film clips, sound effects and interviews
  • All groups evaluating each production with peer discussions and suggestions for improvement

Post visit to school

To review and reflect on the learning experience and chat about the different job roles and skills and qualifications needed. Further discussion about how education links to employment


The Aims

  • To enable children from our inner city schools to visit and appreciate the countryside
  • To consider the differences between living in the city and the country
  • To explore the English countryside and life outdoors by walking, observing, identifying and drawing
  • To use the work of David Hockney as a stimulus for art work, depicting a scene from a panoramic viewpoint
  • To capture the beauty of the landscape through art
  • To capture a specific scene using an array of artistic materials guided and inspired by a professional artist
  • To produce an artistic display for an exhibition
  • To learn the skills needed to produce outstanding artwork
  • To be aware of the various work opportunities that the countryside has to offer

Pre Visit to school

  • Explain the aims and objectives of the visit and go through the itinerary of the day
  • Discussions around young people’s perceptions of countryside and art
  • A discussion about David Hockney
  • Talk about safety, rules and behaviours to ensure the day is safe and enjoyable
  • Tell the children what to think about during the visit and answer any questions

The Visit

  • A visit to the village of Warter (Hockney country) led by professional artist to explore the area which inspired the famous artworks of David Hockney, one of Yorkshire’s most famous artists
  • Workshop in a beautiful converted church about the tourism, national heritage and history of Water
  • Coach trip into the countryside with a walk along a valley
  • Time spent sketching the landscape with various artistic materials
  • Back to the church to produce individual interpretations of the countryside with crayons, water colours, oils and chalk
  • After group discussions and support from the artist, production of individual final pieces of art for exhibition

Pre visit to school

To review and reflect on the learning experience and chat about the countryside and the differences in lifestyle. Review of the artwork produced, with links to City of Culture and the role of art in culture.

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