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Our Modules

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As part of our Pathways to Learning Programme, Hull Children’s University has designed modules that fit into our 6 main concepts: I’m Intelligent, I’m Thinking of the Future, I’m Healthy, I’m Fit, I’m Ambitious and I’m Proud of My City.

Each of these concepts contain a number of Learning Modules that allow children to experience things that they would otherwise never get a chance to do. We believe that the combination of these concepts make up the “whole child” and give them an insight into what opportunities are available to them in the world beyond their street.

Schools — Information for you:

*All schools are welcome to take part in any one of our modules at any time!
*A school may choose to sign up to just one module or may take part in many modules within all of our 6 concepts of learning.  You can do as many modules as you wish!
*Our modules support the national curriculum and can be linked with your current classroom topics.
*Many schools choose to use their Pupil Premium to fund the experiences that we offer.
*Our modules are very low in price, saving schools some money when organising trips.
*We organise ALL transport, admissions and resources for you.
*Some of our modules are free of charge.
*59/71 schools across the city are currently taking part in our modules.
*Our group leaders have over 30 years teaching experience between them and some have QTS.

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