The RSPB Experience

RSPB Experience

Delve into the world of seabird scientists, be a bird and explore how YOU can be the future here at RSPB Bempton Cliffs. An experience packed full of ‘wows’, learning & fun.

Seabird Science

Be a seabird scientist and learn the techniques of seabird science. How do we know how many birds are here, where they go, how they live and if they are ok? What’s their story and why do we need to know?

Be the Future

To understand wildlife and to give nature a home we need everyone. Find out how YOU can be a part of a fantastic future.

Welcome to a world living life on the edge! Meet the magnificent seabirds that, for a few months of the year, call the cliffs here home. Be amazed at their stories and discover your own special story.

Be a Bird

Can you flap as fast as a puffin, defend yourself like a fulmar (it’s sticky!) and make a gannets nest?! Explore the world of the seabirds and their amazing adaptations.

What you need to know

  • We can take up to 35 children (1 class).
  • Each session lasts 2 hours starting at 10am or 1pm (flexible).[list-item] [list-item]We have fully accessible paths and toilets so people of all abilities can enjoy the cliff top.
  • Please make sure everyone is prepared for all weathers! We are on an exposed and often windy cliff top!