Me, Myself and I






Me, Myself and I can run over a school day or can be split into 4 sessions.

Year 5 Emotional Vocabulary Programme

This programme enables pupils to build resilience and engage them in their own development of confidence, self-esteem and belief in their abilities.


  1. Understand how to respect and develop our thoughts
  2. Learn how to control emotions in a positive way
  3. Understand how feelings affect the way we react

Year 6 Transition Programme

This programme supports pupils in building knowledge of their emotions and the emotions of others. It develops their ability to embrace change through understanding the different types of change (positive and negative) and responses to it. It helps pupils to develop the ability to understand and manage feelings associated with transition.


  1. Learn how to be confident in new surroundings
  2. Develop awareness of our actions and their effect on others
  3. Learn how to make change in a positive way


All children are capable of extraordinary things, given the support to develop their sense of identity. InspireIgnite’s programmes are designed to nurture children’s interest in self-confidence and self-esteem. By developing a sense of self, the children learn about how to express themselves.  There is not a gene that provides happiness or success, all children have the potential for happiness and success and supporting them to find this from within is the key to unlocking their world.

Our ‘Positive Parrot’ and ‘Negative Newt’ characters have been adapted into a series of books that are used as an integral part of the Me, Myself and I Primary School programme. ‘Positive Parrot’ and ‘Negative Newt’ explore the world of a positive emotional vocabulary and together learn great things.


Ambassadors of Bridlington


  • To become familiar with Bridlington and its many historical locations
  • To learn about the role of an ambassador and what the term means
  • To be able to name historic and current ambassadors of Bridlington and explain why they are important to its history
  • To build children’s enthusiasm for the town of Bridlington so they feel a sense of ownership and pride
  • To encourage children to continue to research the history of their town and have a desire to contribute to its future

The Visit

  • Morning workshop at Brid Spa with group discussions about Bridlington’s history, famous landmarks and people who have influenced the town’s development over the centuries
  • Field research (supervised) outside to ask the public’s views of the town and why Bridlington is important
  • Further workshop to compile the information from the surveys and feedback to the group
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon walking tour of key historical sites in Bridlington
  • Final group discussions about Bridlington’s heritage and history

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