Age UK

The Aim

  • To develop empathy and understanding between our younger and older generations creating trust, mutual understanding and respect
  • To help children develop the ability to relate to and communicate with elderly people
  • To develop an understanding of history through the eyes of elderly people
  • To reduce the fear, stigma and misconception that exists between different generations portrayed by the media
  • To have the opportunity to establish positive relationships with older people to sustain friendships and communications over a longer period (under the supervision of the school)

The Visit

  • A tour of Age UK to understand why the service is needed, the role it plays in society and for Hull’s older generation.
  • Conversations, questions and answers in small mixed groups of children and elderly people facilitated by a mentor with observation and support. [list-item] [list-item]During group discussions, sharing stories and examples of life for each of the two generations including what it was/is like growing up and fears, hopes and dreams.
  • A dance session together before refreshments and chatting.

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