Space Scientist for a Day

Space Scientist for a Day


  • To learn about space ‘through the eyes of an Astronaut’
  • To raise children’s awareness of space, time and the future.
  • To learn about the scientific principles of satellites and space rockets.
  • List Content
  • To understand about the universe, planets and stars.
  • To become aware of the many different skills and talents needed in astronomy.
  • To inspire children to ‘aim for the stars’ and see where hard work and determination could take them.
  • To look at travel and communication developments during their parents’ and grandparents’ lives.
  • To help children understand how much the world can change in a short space of time.
  • To think about how travel and communications may change in their life time.
  • To introduce the concept of space travel to the children.
  • To inspire children to become interested in science, space and communications.

Pre visit to school

  • Hull CU tutor to give a presentation introducing children to the concept of space and set the theme.
  • Make the children aware of what to look out for during the visit to the Star Centre.
  • PowerPoint and YouTube presentations introducing and illustrating the principles of space travel.

The Visit

  • A day visit to the Star Centre at Keighley College.
  • Introductory film on the Star Centre.
  • The Planetarium—a look at the main planets, stars and the universe.
  • Mission Control— a ‘real life’ replica showing live coverage of astronauts at the International Space Centre.
  • Moonscape— dress up in a real space suit complete with breathing and safety equipment ready to walk on the ‘moon surface’.
  • Research labs- learn about the techniques being used to explore and discover new things about the vast universe and how science is taking the human race into space.

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