Young Engineers GGP Consult

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    • To raise children’s aspirations and interest in engineering careers
    • To develop knowledge of the role of design and technology in engineering
    • To raise awareness of local career opportunities
    • To learn about the job roles at GGP Consult


    The Visit

    • Meet GGP Consult staff and learn about the business and their jobs
    • Tour of the premises
    • Group engineering design tasks judged by GGP staff

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Amazon Experience

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  • To learn about one of the world’s biggest businesses
  • To gain an insight into the everyday operation of Amazon
  • To begin to understand tSee the source imagehe different jobs available and the skills and qualifications needed
  • To develop a broad understanding of the quantity of different products Amazon distributes
  • To discover the role IT plays in logistics and distribution
  • To understand the level of commitment needed to be a conscientious and effective employee
  • To meet and chat to members of the Amazon workforce
  • To understand the need to wear and use protective clothing and products
  • To discuss and understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace

The Visit

  • A guided tour of the Amazon distribution centre, education room and canteen
  • A fun presentation about the different areas, services and departments that Amazon offers
  • STEM activities related to the picking, packing and delivery of goods
  • Discussion about the importance of high quality customer service

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Trident Experience

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The Trident Experience gives children the opportunity to learn about the world’s fastest growing brand management company who use the latest digital and graphics technology to design packaging.


  • To provide children with a workplace experience to raise aspirations
  • To understand the role of STEM skills and technology in packaging design
  • To highlight that there are lots of opportunities to work for companies like Trident without a university education
  • To encourage teamwork and communication
  • To expose children to the latest technology available for showcasing packaging
  • To gain an understanding of how packaging design can affect how successful a product is

The Visit

  • Meet Trident staff and learn about Trident as a company
  • Design and create a carton using a blank template and labels of various elements to add that personal touch
  • Experience Virtual Reality and develop an understanding of ‘Brand Visibility and Integrity’
  • Learn about packaging position within shopping environments
  • Observe how Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is used in the industry
  • See how Augmented Reality is used is product design
  • Meet and chat with Trident staff about their roles over juice and cake
  • Take part in an interactive quiz about what they have seen and heard during the day

Aunt Bessie’s Experience


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The Aunt Bessie’s Experience gives children the opportunity to see inside one of Hull’s famous manufacturers to learn about food development and production.


  • To help children understand the wider world that exists outside of their community
  • To raise aspirations for future careers
  • To learn how a manufacturing facility works
  • To begin to understand the different jobs available and skills/qualifications needed
  • To discover the role of IT and STEM subjects in manufacturing
  • To discuss and understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace


  • Introduction and health and safety briefing
  • Overview of the departments within Aunt Bessie’s
  • Tour of the Yorkshire Pudding factory to see how they are made
  • Take part in a packing activity (if possible on the day)
  • Design your own lunch in the ‘New Product Development Kitchen’
  • Wind Turbine Experience
  • Engineering talk and closing

Hull University Experience

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Visit Hull’s own university campus to learn about the departments and what life is like as a student.


  • To help children understand the wider world that exists outside of their community
  • To raise aspirations for future learning and careers
  • To learn how a university works
  • To understand what life is like for students


  • Welcome from staff and students
  • Groups activities related to the hosting university department
  • Tour of the campus
  • Campus quiz
  • Lunch
  • Second group activity
  • Closing and certificates

Smith and Nephew Experience

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A visit to the company’s Wound Management Centre in Hull really is an experience not to be missed! The module provides an opportunity for pupils to see how one of the top companies in the world, regarding wound care, actually operates.


  • To raise children’s aspirations and interest in STEM careers
  • To develop knowledge of the role of technology in manufacturing
  • To raise awareness of local career opportunities
  • To learn about the job roles at Smith & Nephew


  • Meet Smith & Nephew staff and learn about their jobs
  • See inside the manufacturing unit with a VIP tour (behind glass)
  • Take part in a ‘hands-on’ session to assess the effectiveness of different wound dressings

ERYC Comms Experience

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University are teaming up to offer pupils in the East Riding an insight into the world of communications and the media.

Pupils will learn about the skills involved in careers such as journalism, public relations and marketing and get the chance to put those new-found skills to the test with an exciting challenge at Brid Spa.



  • To discover what is involved in being press and marketing officers with East Riding of Yorkshire Council including the tasks they undertake and the purpose of their roles
  • To learn how to conduct interviews in order to get interesting information
  • To learn how to turn interviews into articles and social media content
  • To understand what makes a good photograph and how to take them
  • To learn how to record film footage and edit it to produce video content for social media audiences
  • To learn how to use social media effectively for publicity and marketing purposes
  • To gain an insight into how live radio is produced with BBC Radio Humberside

The Visit

Welcome and introductions form members of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Marketing and Communications team.

Learn about a variety of roles with some hands-on workshops and activities including:

Social Media Editors – decide which content to feature on the Twitter feeds to best promote venues and activities.

Reporters/Press Officers – create questions to interview key members of staff and produce interesting posts for social media.

Photographers and video producers/Vloggers – taking eye-catching pictures, filming interviewees and using video editing software to finalise their footage. The challenge will be to use photos and video to tell the story of the venue, event or show depending on the location.

Feedback and evaluation of the day.

Run a Hotel for the Day


  • To introduce the world of hotels to our Hull and East Yorkshire children.
  • To learn about the people who use hotels and their potential destinations when in our city.
  • To know how to use a hotel, from booking to leaving and be aware of the protocol and services available
  • To become aware of the varied range of jobs available in the Hotel industry and the skills, qualifications and training needed


  • Tour around the whole hotel and activities in the following areas:
  • Restaurant and Kitchen – sandwich and cookie making , meeting the head chef
  • Functions and Events – setting up and dressing tables, meeting staff who work in events and conferencing
  • Housekeeping- tidying a hotel room, making beds, hovering, meeting housekeeping staff
  • Lobby/Reception- check in worksheet, meeting reception staff

Marine Biologist For a Day

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The Living Seas Centre is Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s exciting coastal education facility set amongst the beautiful chalk cliffs of South Landing, Flamborough. The centre offers a wide range of activities to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds about the diverse and exciting marine wildlife found off the Yorkshire coast.

“Marine Biologist for a Day” offers high quality environmental activities for schools, enabling pupils to learn both in the classroom and out on the rocky shore. With such resources at our fingertips, learning is guaranteed to be exciting, fun and engaging!

The programme is aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2. All our activities can be tailored to meet the requirements of your group and are linked to the National Curriculum. The visit will generally involve 3 activities and for certain sessions, be dependent on tide times.


Seashore Safari

On a ‘Seashore Safari’ you’ll discover and identify the fascinating wildlife that lives on the rocky shore. We’ll be looking for limpets, seeking out shannies and surveying for seaweed!

Success criteria includes: Identifying and naming a variety of plants and animals in their habitat; identifying and classifying using a simple key; identifying and describing the functions of different parts of a seaweed; describing how living things are classified in groups according to common observable characteristics.

Seashore Detective 

The strandline is a treasure trove of fascinating finds. As ‘Seashore Detectives’ we’ll be looking for clues as to what lurks in the mysterious offshore waters.

Success criteria includes: Using observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions; identifying and naming a variety of common seaweeds and seashore animals; exploring and comparing the differences between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive; identifying and naming a variety of different materials; describing how fossils are formed.

Waves of Waste

Sadly, litter is now a common sight on our beaches, with ‘Waves of Waste’ washing up each day. As we take a walk along the shore we will use litter pickers to collect items and ask: What is it? Where did it come from? How does it affect marine wildlife? How long will it last?

Success criteria includes: Gathering and recording data to help in answering questions; reporting and presenting findings; comparing and grouping a variety of everyday materials by their properties; recognising that environments can be changed by humans and that this can pose danger to living things.

Seabed Explorer

‘Seabed Explorer’ will take us on a journey through the hidden undersea landscape. A unique underwater film, shot here in Yorkshire, alongside special seabed maps will help us to discover vast deserts, huge rocky reefs, underwater caves and dense forests. We will also learn about the many weird and wonderful marine animals that live in the hidden waters of the North Sea.

Success criteria includes: Using observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions; exploring what different types of seaweed needs for life and growth; identifying and naming a variety of marine animals and undersea habitats.

Natural Art

The seashore is an artist’s dream, full of interesting materials from which to create a masterpiece. The beauty is that these works will only last as long as the tide and sea allow. Pupils will get the chance to let their artistic expression run wild.

Success criteria includes: Identifying and naming a variety of common seaweeds and seashore animals; identifying and naming a variety of different materials; experimenting with a wide range of art and design techniques using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.


The Living Seas Centre make every effort to ensure our centre and classroom facilities are accessible to all. The Centre is wheelchair accessible and there is a disabled toilet on site. Access to the shore is down a concrete road (steep incline), while the beach is a mixture of pebble, cobbles, sand and bedrock. Please inform us if any of your group has particular needs.

BAE Systems Experience

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  • To gain an insight into BAE Systems as a significant local employer
  • To learn about the many different jobs and skills needed to design and build aircrafts
  • To understand the relationship between education and career and the level of education needed to go into science, design and engineering roles
  • To raise children’s aspirations by showing them that there are a wide variety of jobs available within the city
  • To show children the level of commitment and self discipline needed to build a successful career in science and engineering industries
  • To develop young people’s confidence and communications skills by engaging them in projects with mentors from the world of work

The visit

  • A tour of the manufacturing facility where the world famous Hawk Jump Jet aircraft was built
  • Tour of the Mission Systems
  • A flight in the flight simulator
  • Workshop learning about the forces of flight, building individual Hover Hawks and Hoop Gliders and learning how to move a vehicle using a computer programme
  • Meet and chat to staff throughout the company about their individual roles and the training and experience they have

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