The Aim

  • To teach children empathy, compassion and trust
  • To relate caring for an animal to caring for each other
  • To explore what caring looks like
  • To help children understand that pets are a big and long term commitment
  • To understand what being a responsible pet owner involves along with basic knowledge of animal welfare for a range of different animals
  • To enable children to pass on their knowledge and understanding to friends and family in order to improve animal welfare across the city
  • To build emotional intelligence

The Visit

  • A presentation and discussion about animal welfare given by an RSPCA Education Officer.
  • A workshop with group exercises exploring and comparing different animal species and the types of care and consideration they need.
  • A tour of the RSPCA centre, learning about all the different animals resident in the centre, their backgrounds and reasons for being in the centre.
  • A talk about the different jobs in the RSPCA and the skills and qualifications needed

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