Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other Children's Universities outside of Hull?

Children's University is a national organisation that delivers the Passport to Learning Programme. We also run the Passport programme but our central Learning Experience Programme differs quite significantly to other Children's Universities.

How Can My Child Join HEY Children’s University?

As we are a charity, we specifically target schools which are situated in areas that fit our charitable criteria, so sadly we are unable to take every child in Hull on our experiences. However, we do have a Passport to Learning Programme that is open to all children.

How Many Children Do You Work With?

In the academic year 2022-2023 we worked with 11,830 children across Hull and the East Riding

Are You Part Of Hull University?

We are based on campus but we are a totally separate organisation. Along with providing us with our offices, the University is also a Platinum Partner of the charity.

How are you funded?

We apply for various grants and trust funds to be able to carry out our work. We also receive financial support from our corporate partners and from fundraising within the community.

How Do You Select The Children You Work With?

We specifically target schools situated in areas of disadvantage. We select these schools using the IDACI Index which looks at the postcodes which are recorded as socio-economically disadvantaged and we work with the schools where more than 50% of their pupils are living in these postcodes.