How we work with Hull & East Yorkshire Schools

Our charity works with schools and children within areas in Hull and the East Riding that have the highest levels of economic deprivation. We deliver learning experiences which are designed to support the national curriculum, whilst increasing children’s motivation, thirst for knowledge and aspirations for the future. Our charity strongly believes that by giving children exciting and unique opportunities, we are increasing their well-being, life outcomes and most importantly giving them ‘dreams’ for the future. We aim to support educational achievement in Hull and East Yorkshire by providing high quality, exciting and innovative learning activities. We engage the wider community as learning partners and encourage local businesses to play a role in educating and supporting local children.

We hope to see you and the children from your schools on our learning experiences very soon. To enquire, please visit our School Learning Experience page.

Our experiences are all categorised within our 5 concepts of learning:

H- Healthy me

Our ‘healthy me’ learning experiences have been designed to teach children the importance of healthy living and the benefits of both physical and mental health can play.

E- Environment

Our ‘environment’ learning experiences have been designed to encourage children to think about the world that they live in and how they can help to make it a happier and healthier place. We teach children to think about the choices they make and the impact they have on their environment. We believe that teaching about sustainable development is a journey for everyone, regardless of age. The more we give children the opportunity to discuss, challenge and share ideas, the more successful they will be. Each of these experiences has been designed to enlighten children on linked careers and to develop self-awareness and self-confidence.

Y- Your world

Our ‘your world’ learning experiences have been designed to help children think about their future and what opportunities are available to them. We teach children about the wider world, far removed from their immediate community, so that they can aspire to achieve more. We help children think about employment in the future and make the link between education now and future job opportunities so that they can understand the reasons to work hard at school now. These experiences have been particularly designed to support KS2 children build their problem-solving and team-building skills to support them with their transition to secondary school.

C- Careers and Opportunities in Hull and East Yorkshire

Our ‘careers and opportunities in Hull and East Riding’ learning experiences are designed to help inspire children about the range of career options and pathways open to them within the local area. We hope to raise their aspirations and show them the broad range of career opportunities. Children are also encouraged to think about their own interests, skills, and talents and how these relate to their future employment opportunities and prospects. Children develop an understanding of the link between education and employment through hands-on experiences in real workplaces. There are also opportunities to learn about the opportunities available to them through higher and further education providers.

U- Understanding Hull and East Yorkshire

Our ‘understanding Hull and East Yorkshire’ learning experiences are designed to create a sense of pride and appreciation of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. It aims to show children what is going on in the place where they live and the different opportunities available to them. As well as this, these experiences give children the opportunity to learn all about the important history of their local area.