A day of WOW with H&H

On the 8th June, children from Thorpepark Academy were given a fantastic opportunity thanks to our Gold Partners H&H as they welcomed them to their Hesslwood offices for a "Day of WOW!"

The children couldn't contain their excitement as their coach pulled up and they quickly spotted the bell tents set up in the grounds outside H&H's building. They also were lucky enough to see one of the resident peacocks.

The first activity was to release some of their excited energy by doing some exercise with the on-site fitness instructor.

Then the children split off into smaller groups where they rotated through the different activities that the H&H team had designed for them. These included clear communications, design, people, party planning and story telling.

  • For the communications task, the children learnt how important it is to be clear in your communications as they played a broken-whispers style game.

  • For the design task, the children had to create their own superhero using elements of H&H's branding.

  • For the people task, the children learnt about how adapting the behaviour of people in a team can make you complete a task more successfully- their task was to pass a balloon the fastest!

  • For the party planning, the children were given a budget and had to design a successful event without breaking the bank.

  • For the storytelling, the children were put into pairs and were given a pair of shoes. They then had to create a story about the shoes using story cards.

  • Whilst they rotated through the activities, the children met members of the H&H team and learnt all about their jobs.

Rose James, Interim CEO of Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University explained how much the day meant to the children:

"The children absolutely loved their day at H&H and when they were asked if they would change anything about the day, most of the children answered "I wish I could have stayed longer". The staff went above and beyond to make the experience a success and we are so grateful to H&H for their ongoing support of HEY CU".