A fantastic February half term!

A group of primary aged children got a taste of the exciting world of media as they explored different aspects of radio and television production. The day started with a peek behind the scenes of a live radio show. The children put on headphones and spoke into microphones, taking turns in the role of radio presenter. They used the controls to play songs and sound effects. The children then ventured into the realm of television, where they sat in the presenting chair and told news stories to the camera. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, they learnt about camera angles, framing, sound, and light effects and how to use the autocue. One child mentioned that they particularly enjoyed, ‘learning how to move the words up and down (on the autocue) and changing the background on the television set’. The children even had with a Q&A session with Peter Levy from Look North, the children asked questions about Peter’s career and the day-to-day life of working in media. A true VIP experience!

The children explored the future of technology, thanks to a captivating visit with INIT Creative, a hub for innovation and digital experiences. The children explored the exciting world of virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and even created their own podcast! The children embarked on virtual adventures, and interacted with simulated creatures whilst using VR. Through interactive activities and demonstrations, they learnt how AI works, and met and worked with INIT Creative’s robot dog, Astro. One child said that their favourite part was, ‘The robots, they were amazing!’ Later in the day, equipped with microphones and recording software, they recorded their own podcasts and brought ideas together. The children interviewed each other on topics of interest and took it in turns to question each other.

On Thursday, a group of children enjoyed a unique opportunity to delve into the world of opera and performance. For many of these children, it was their first encounter with opera and theatre, and it proved to be transformative. The day began with an exclusive workshop led by a dedicated performance expert, Gemma. The children explored backstage, and one child commented how special it was to visit backstage, as this is something they have never had the opportunity to do. Gemma introduced the children to the fundamentals of performing and despite initial nerves, by the end of the workshop, the children all willingly performed their magic spell performances on stage. The children then attended the theatre to watch Opera North perform Cinderella, and watched the techniques and skills they learnt earlier in the day, put into practice.

At the end of the week, the children reported that they now feel more confident to try new things and they believe in themselves more. We certainly believe in them too!