A fun-filled Easter!

During the first week of the holidays we went to Maker Space, Forest School, a Cook Stars experience and Flamborough Living Seas. We kickstarted the holiday with a trip to Maker Space, the children used clay and spray paint to make fantastic creations.  We spent a morning with Humber Forest School – playing team games, making fires, creating wild crafts and enjoying seeing signs of Spring. The wild garlic smelt delicious! We then made some eggscellent treats with Sarah at Cook Stars. We loved our Easter themed cheesecakes, they tasted delicious. We ended the week with a trip to Flamborough – we enjoyed rock pooling and learnt lots from the very knowledgeable team at the Living Seas Centre. We ended the day with a beach clean, we could not believe all of the rubbish we found. After all of that hard work, the children enjoyed some locally made ice cream.

The second week of the holiday was just as fun! We had a fantastic workshop with High Maintenance Jewellery. We created our own pencil case and keychain along with some stylish trainer chains. The children created fabulous pieces that showed off their individuality. The following day was a mud-filled day at Rewilding! The children made dens, jumped in mud and made delicious pancakes. We then ended the week with a super workshop by Plants in Glass. The children learnt all about how to care for a terrarium and made their own. Some children brought something special to put into their terrariums and the end results were fantastic.