Bags of Love for Children in Care

Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University is excited to announce that we have received funding from the Big Lottery Community fund to support our work with children living in care.

Did you know that when some children are taken into care their belongings (if they have any) are sometimes put into a bin liner?

The symbolism is heart-breaking and so are the circumstances that these children find themselves in through no fault of their own. We want to make the transition into care just a little bit easier with our Bags of Love. With funding from the Big Lottery Fund we have been able to make 110 bags filled with; a pair of pyjamas, a tooth brush, underwear, a teddy bear and some mood cards. Mood Cards help children to understand their feelings and are a great resource for foster carers to use with the children once they are settled into their new home.

Hull has one of the highest numbers of children in care in relation to population and children growing up in the care system have some of the worst long term outcomes of the population. As a charity we are doing everything we can to support children in care to have positive outcomes and success in life, projects like Bags of Love are vital.

A huge thank you to the Big Lottery Community Fund for supporting us and making this project possible.