Be Like Benji!

You may recall that last year the HEY Children's University (HEY CU) team were paid a surprise visit from a very kind little boy named Benji, aged 5.

HEY CU provides experiences to disadvantaged children in Hull and the East Riding in the hope of raising their aspirations, resilience and self confidence.

Benji had heard about the work that HEY CU does and decided that every time he received any pocket money he would keep half of it and put the other half in a savings jar for HEY CU.

He came into the office with the proudest smile on his face and presented us with the money that he had saved up for the charity. 

Well, Benji has done it again! This week he came into the office and presented us with £10 of his own money that he had saved for the charity.

As a thank you to Benji we asked the Hogwarts Sorting Hat if it would sort Benji into his Hogwarts House (something which he was very excited about!) The Hat decided that Benji belongs in Hufflepuff - a house that is loyal, kind, giving and fair. We think Benji is a perfect fit!

We hope that Benji's wonderful act of kindness will inspire others to do the same, so we have created the #BelikeBenji campaign for those of you who would like to match Benji's donation. At the end of the campaign we will tell Benji how much his kindness has helped to raise.

Please #BelikeBenji and help less fortunate children in our area.