Blog: Ambassadors for School and City!

It was an early arrival at the KCOM Learning Zone for me so I could prepare the room and equipment for arrival of the children from Greenway primary school.

The school are part of our University-funded Access programme and this was the second of five experiences they will complete before the end of the summer term.

A total of 56 children participated over two days. Many of the children had never visited the city centre before so it was good to show them around, visiting William Wilberforce statue and England's smallest window as well as many other Hull landmarks. They also interviewed the public with questions such as 'Where is your favourite place in Hull centre?' and 'Who would you invite to visit Hull?',  jotting down responses on the answer sheets.

This fun learning day also involved their own research on the laptops before delivering their findings to the rest of their classmates and adults about famous ambassadors such as Mary Murdoch, Jean Bishop and Clive Sullivan. 

It was great to see their confidence grow as the day progressed through speaking to the public and standing up in front of our volunteers to talk about who they researched.

Despite the awful weather, it did not dampen their spirits; the children loved it and became ambassadors not only for their school but for their city, too!