Farmer Denys' marathon success

You may know Farmer Denys from Densholme Farm, where we run our Farm Learning Experiences. But did you also know that he's a marathon runner?

Denys thought he'd hung up his running shoes after completing the Chicago Marathon in 2019, but the World Marathon Majors organisation had other ideas and invited him to take on the Boston Marathon in April 2023.

Denys said 'I had already run five of the majors and this was an opportunity to complete the set. Places are hard to come by, so to be invited was wonderful. But with being completely out of training and, at age 72, I wondered if it was best to forget about it. But then I thought as HEY Children's University encourage the children they work with to believe that they can achieve great things - I said YES'.

Image - Denys Fell having completed the Boston Marathon on 17th April 2023 with his two medals.

Through fundraising Denys has so far raised £1,300 for the charity which is phenomenal. If you're able and would like to celebrate his achievement with a donation please visit his page below

Denys Fell is fundraising for Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University (