Going for Gold

Hull & East Yorkshire Children's University (HEY CU) are proud to announce Sewell Group as our newest Gold Partner. 

This partnership has the potential to significantly impact a great number of children in the region providing them with opportunities that will help them thrive. What makes this partnership particularly special is the personal connection that Bethany Dennett, Community Investment Strategist at Sewell Group, shares with HEY CU.

Bethany's journey with HEY CU began during her primary school years when she experienced a trip to London organised by our charity. Bethany states this trip was a core childhood memory, and fondly reminisces about it being her inaugural visit to the capital: an experience that had a big impact on her childhood and helped to ignite her aspirations along with other children in her class.

Now, as a pivotal figure in Sewell Group's community impact initiatives, Bethany's enthusiasm to support HEY CU resonates deeply with our mission. Her journey from beneficiary to benefactor perfectly demonstrates the transformative power of our programmes in nurturing confidence and inspiring young people.

With Sewell Group's support, HEY CU can ignite the passions and aspirations of more children, just like it did for Bethany. We are excited to see the impact this partnership will have in the local community, as we give children the opportunity to reach new heights and create a dream for their future.