KCOM's Safer Internet Day

We supported broadband provider and one of our pioneer partners, KCOM, to welcome fifty Hull school children to the MKM Stadium on the 7th of February as part of Safer Internet Day celebrations.

The youngsters spent a fun afternoon at the home of Hull City to take part in a range of activities where they could learn more about, and talk about their experiences of staying safe on line.

As well as taking part in group activities the children from Christopher Pickering, St George’s, Paisley, Newington and Collingwood were all able to enjoy a pitch-side picnic and meet club mascot Roary The Tiger.

Year Six pupil Jack Beetham, 10, from Paisley Primary, said he enjoyed the day, adding: “It’s been really fun. We’ve been learning about what it’s safe to do on the internet which is important because it’s not always good. There are people who would take advantage of you and take your money if you’re not careful. Plus, I’ve never been this close to the pitch before so it’s really good to see it!”