Kip on a Ship through the eyes of a Learning Experience Lead

"This has been the best two days of my life!"


Hi, I'm Alan, one of HEY CU's Learning Experience Leads. Recently, we took 33 year 5 children from Parkstone Primary school split over two visits to London for a Kip on a Ship experience. Read all about our two-day, overnight experiences!

Excitement was in abundance when meeting up in Hull station for the 8.24am train to the capital with comments like "I have never been on a train before," and "I have never been to London," filling the air.

The wow factor was evident when the children got their first view of their overnight accommodation HMS Belfast. Built just before the Second World War, the ship is permanently docked on the River Thames and is an incredibly exciting location for a sleepover!

Throughout the two-days, the children got to experience a river cruise down the Thames, a visit to the science museum and a tour inside the Houses of Parliament. They spotted key landmarks such as The Shard, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square and we heard lots of 'woahs' especially when they visited the famous door No 10 Downing Street in which they had been given permission to visit.

They were an amazing group of children who were so polite and well behaved throughout - a real credit to themselves. A 9.20pm arrival home on day 2, can lead to some very tired children (and adults!) but comments like "This has been the best two days of my life!" makes it all worthwhile as you know you have given them lifetime memories.

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