Healthy Me

These learning experiences have been designed to teach children the importance of healthy living and the role that diet plays in long term health. Children are given the opportunity to learn how food is sourced, looking at its growth to our plates. Children will also be given an insight into the different career opportunities in the health sector.

Dance And Drama Workshops

EYFS-Y6- all Key Stages

Our Dance and Drama workshops are delivered in school for 4 consecutive weeks. Devising, making and creating through a series of workshops, children will learn many key skills in the craft of performing arts leading to a final performance of work for peers, parents, staff and stakeholders. Impact Theatre brings a wealth of experience in musical theatre to your school through the 3 main disciplines of theatre craft: Acting, Singing and Dance.

Healthy Lifestyles Workshops

EYFS-Y6- all Key Stages

Our Healthy Lifestyles sessions are delivered in school for 4 consecutive weeks. Children will explore what health and fitness is, the body and how it functions, complete a practical PE session and finally learn about food and drink.

Ladies In Pigs Workshops

EYFS-Y6- all Key Stages

We partner with Ladies in Pigs who deliver engaging sessions in school regarding where food comes from, sustainable farming and animal welfare.

Densholme Farm Visit

EYFS-Y6- all Key Stages

The countryside offers invaluable teaching resources which is why we partner with Densholme Farm to offer this unique learning experience. This learning experience can be used to teach all aspects of the curriculum through learning about farming and the countryside.

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