Me, Myself and I

 Hull Children’s University are working in partnership with Inspire Ignite to offer this amazing learning experience for children.

Emotional intelligence is key to being healthy and happy. Learners will gain a greater understanding of how their emotions and attitudes affect their life and relationships through greater understanding of their emotions and reactions to these.

By boosting comprehension and problem solving, Learners are able to increase their clarity and focus and engage in real choices for their future.

Learners can learn to neutralise the impact of negative emotions such as test anxiety or turmoil surrounding relationships, and then build effective replacement attitudes. For many this results in improved self-confidence and higher self-esteem, and as a result improved relationships.

Throughout the sessions learners will learn different techniques of self-awareness that will support them in times of stress.

Activity 1: Understand My World
Some students find it hard to fit in with peer groups and the conventional education system. This is most often caused by an underlying lack of confidence.

This lack of confidence, simply comes from not seeing their own value, not appreciating their natural strengths and talents.
Feeling inferior, they often then focus on what feels like survival, protection, and avoidance of emotional pain.

Activity 2: Help Me Build Confidence

It’s not until they feel safe that the students will be able to give the attention to learning, interacting and benefiting from the school environment.

So the first task is always, to build up their self-confidence, to help them see what their natural strengths and talents are.

The most effective way to do this, is through fun and interactive exercises, where they can experience themselves succeeding.

Activity 3: Help Me To Learn And Grow

Once they have developed confidence, students feel safe and more willing to learn, grow and take on new ideas and information.

It is only then, that they can see the opportunity that school provides – a way to develop their strengths so that they can build a life which will bring them happiness and fulfilment.

Knowing how to create value, and to be valued, is the gift.

This experience is suitable for children aged  7 upwards.