The RSPB Experience

Live Life on the Edge!

Welcome to a world living life on the edge. Explore the habitats and creatures that make their home here on the cliff tops and discover why living on the edge can be fun but challenging!

To make your very own ‘Living Life on the Edge’ session, choose 3 of the following options for a half day, or 5 options for a full day.

1 Be a Bird Can you flap as fast as a puffin or defend yourself like a fulmar (it’s wet!)? Explore the world of the seabirds and their amazing adaptations from the cliff top.

2 Build a gannet’s nest Do you have what it takes to make a gannets nest? Test your team skills, get creative and defend your precious chick.

3 Seabird Science How do we know how many birds nest on the cliffs? How do we find out what they eat or where they go? Learn some super skills and funky facts!

4 A Climmer’s Tale Hold replica seabird eggs and discover their special adaptations whilst learning about the life of a climmer. Who were they, how did they collect eggs and why?

5 LBJ’s* (*little brown jobs!)  Learn how to use binoculars, switch on your super senses and delve into the world of the rare and intriguing tree sparrow.

6 Create your own Coccolith’! Step back in time and discover what chalk really is and then make your own mega-coccolith! (Includes a craft activity using air-hardening clay).

What you need to know

Please dress ready all and any weathers! We are on an exposed & windy cliff top and the weather can be changeable.

A half-day session (2 hours) usually starts at 10am or 1pm and a full day is normally 10am – 2.30pm (flexible).

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your start time to allow trips to toilets.

 Please have the class ready to split into 2 or 3 groups with accompanying adults. The groups may rotate around different activity stations    with their accompanying adults.

We have fully accessible paths and toilets so people of all abilities can enjoy the cliff top habitats.

There is a servery on site selling hot drinks and sandwiches for adults. Please bring lunch for your students.

We aim to be outside as much as the weather allows because that’s where we have the most fun and learning.